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  1. Dash OS HipChat - Our HipChat has become a strong staple of our support capabilities.  A dealer can login via web or download the OS X, Windows, iPhone, Android, etc applications to easily have access to the chat.  We have top-level dealers in here 24 hours a day from across the world so it is fairly active at all times.  When an issue occurs which is widespread, I can almost guarantee you there will be discussion about it.  We were the first to identify the RMS Lockups, the Z-Wave Leaks, and a few other things as we all are there and get notifications the second something seems wrong.  
    • Click the link above and you will be invited to create an account.  I ask you please make your display name including "-URC" in it if at all possible so that I can identify who is URC Staff.  
    • It may be helpful if I were to create a private URC Room.  I could invite only URC Employee's to be apart of this room, I can then tag you (@) and send you guys messages that will send you an email when i do-so to alert you guys of anything that is going on. This also would provide a private area to ask me any questions about any calls you have going on.  You can download the desktop clients so it's always on in the background - that way you will be able to see when a major issue happens immediately.
  2. Dash OS Forums - We just started these, and we are not using it for discussion as much as we are for guides & tutorials.  Most discussion goes on in our HipChat, but you can see the start of a lot of guides here.  You must sign in with a valid and approve Dash OS Account before you can view the forums.
  3. Register for a Dash Account - As stated, I am happy to provide any of you with free licenses to all the Dash Apps we create.  When I see a URC Staff Member sign up I will simply license you for each of them when I can (or if you ask me in the HipChat probably right away).  I am happy to give further details and/or trainings directly on any of the Dash Apps you find yourself running into the most and how it can be used/what dealers do most with it.  We have a lot of insight from our platform on trends and what is done with things so I am sure you can find it helpful.

Some Helpful Links and Information:

  • Dash OS Setup Documentation - This is where a dealer needs to go to learn how to setup System Monitor.  End of the day you add the module, add the dash username, and adopt.  This goes over everything in detail.
  • Dash OS Troubleshooting Tips - This little blog post resolves 90% of dealers questions if not more.  It goes over all the common issues with modules and shows them how to diagnose and fix those issues.  It is the single-most helpful guide we have available.
  • Video Demonstration of Dash OS Cloud Logging - This is a video demonstration showing Dash's Cloud Logging and going over how it can/should be used.
  • Device Event Triggers Product Page & Documentation - This is the predecessor of React and has sold well over 500 times to dealers (it's a one-time charge for unlimited projects) - so no question it's going to be widespread in-use throughout systems. All the information you could need should be available on this page for it.
  • Custom TKP-100 Buttons - If a dealer requires custom-engraved TKP-100 Buttons they can get them here.  We sell a few hundred buttons a week and deliver them quickly worldwide.  
  • URC Tips & Tricks - This forum category is a place to share quick tips & tricks for dealers.  
  • Dash OS's Guide to Device Events - We have written an extensive guide on Device Events, what they are, and how they can be used.
  • Dash OS's Guide to TCL Commands - We have also written an extensive guide on TCL Commands, what they are, and how they can be used.

Reactive Push Notifications with Dash iOS

Reactive Push is one of our most exciting upcoming features.  Dealers  have been using it for 6 months in beta and it is just getting ready to launch.  This requires no port forwarding and just works without knowing why - it is all handled through our special network back-end so they are sent no matter what situation and the response is received.  The dealer writes what they want right into the URC Macro, selects what buttons to provide, and provides what they want to happen based on the selection that is made.  As of recently, a button can even open the URC Mobile app directly!

Video Overview including Cloud Logging 

Video Overview just showing iOS App from iOS Lock Screen - This video also shows the "Voice Alerts" which will actually say what is going on such as "Front Door, Left Unlocked" - in this example we also programmed a success response when the door is confirmed locked.

Dealer Video Showing Camera Notifications - Dealer made this one and this one 

The 5-Panel System We Discussed

We discussed a system which has up to 20 macros triggering simultaneously.  Here are some videos going over that system.  It includes a video showing the system and how it is put together/how it works - then the second video is a guide showing how it is programmed and how it all works.  This is using Device Event Triggers, NOT Dash React.  This would be WAY better with Dash React but unfortunately it was not yet available!  I shot these videos at 4 AM so I was a bit tired :-)

Video Overview --- Video Programming Guide

Dash React Guides & Links

Since Dash React is no question the biggest change in standard Accelerator, I wanted to provide a link to the various guides we have been building for it.  On dealers using it, it is quickly becoming the standard so you will definitely run into it at some point!  I'd like to think most dealers using React know to use our Forums or Chatroom for support.  

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