Controlling Apple TV With a Third Party Remote

Apple TV can be controlled with any third-party remote such as URC CCP MX-series remotes or event Total Control MRX-X base stations. 

Apple TV has the capability to learn any IR code so that it can be used to trigger native commands.    

  1.  On Apple TV (4th generation), select Settings---->Remotes and Devices, select Learn Remote. On Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation), select Settings---->General---->Remotes, then select Learn Remote.
  2. Select Start.  Icons for the six buttons on the remote appear on the screen. Up should be highlighted.
  3. Using the third-party remote, press-and-hold the button corresponding to the Up button until the blue progress bar is full.  Apple TV  automatically selects the next button to learn.  Repeat this process to learn all commands required on the remote.

    Please download this file.  It is a premade Apple TV 4th Generation Driver created by an installer.  This is NOT a certified URC Driver but has been known to work with an updated Apple TV.


Download the file and copy it to Accelerators specified Custom Driver folder.  Restart Accelerator.  The device appears in the MY database section of Step 4: Add Other Devices

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