Trouble Shooting Emitter Functionality

IR Emitters can be are some tips and tricks on troubleshooting emitters.

Symptoms may include:

  • Emitter not flashing
  • Emitter is flashing but component is not responding to flash.  
  1. Although it my sound obvious, it is important to double check to see if the emitter is securely fastened to whatever base station is being used.  Emitter plugs have a tendency to feel and look as if they are connected properly but often times they require a firm push.
  2.   Double check step 5 to ensure your devices are routed to the correct ports.  
  3. Check to see if the emitter is flashing through the back of the emitter.  If you can not see it flashing through the flat side of the emitter the emitter is defective or broken.
  4. Use the potentiometer on the base station to find the appropriate signal strength for the component being controlled.  Remember, each and every component is different and may require a very strong or very dim emitter slash.  Also be conscious of emitter placement on the components IR receiving window.    

TIP:  For fast accurate emitter placement, it is recommended to move the emitter very slowly around the face of the component near the IR receiving window before actually sticking it.  While moving it around, press and hold a command that will continuously stimulate the device in question.  For example press and hold the channel up button for a cable or satellite receiver since pressing and holding that button will produce a continuous scrolling of channels, therefore indicating where the best placement for the emitter is.


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