URC Device Power Dissipation in BTU's

URC Device Power Dissipation in BTU's

Heat losses are the thermal emissions from an amplifier while it is operating. It comes from dissipated waste power in the form of heat. This heat output is usually measured in BTU's (British Thermal Units).

BTU's are used as a point of reference for the amount of heat that an appliance generates; the higher the BTU rating of an appliance, the greater the heating capacity. This information is useful when determining the cooling requirements in an equipment room or in a high-density rack environment.

The table below lists the various URC devices wattage (power consumption) and heat dissipation in BTU's:

ModelLCD Off or in Sleep Mode
Normal Operation

Watt [W]
BTU [BTU/hr]
Watt [W]BTU [BTU/hr]Watt [W]
BTU [BTU/hr]

  DMS Audio Distribution
MFS-8--1.32 W4.50 BTU/hr3.76 W12.83 BTU/hr
DMS-100--13 W44.36 BTU/hr183 W624.42 BTU/hr

DMS-1200--32 W109.19 BTU/hr454 W1549.11 BTU/hr
  Keypads & Touchscreens
TKP-1001.68 W5.73 BTU/hr1.68 W5.73 BTU/hr1.78 W6.07 BTU/hr
TKP-2000N1.92 W6.55 BTU/hr2.16 W7.37 BTU/hr2.4 W8.19 BTU/hr
TKP-70002.88 W9.83 BTU/hr4.08 W13.92 BTU/hr4.8 W16.38 BTU/hr
TKP-55002.4 W8.19 BTU/hr3.12 W10.65 BTU/hr3.6 W12.28 BTU/hr
TKP-76002.64 W9.01 BTU/hr3.6 W12.28 BTU/hr5.76 W19.65 BTU/hr
TKP-86003.84 W13.10 BTU/hr5.76 W19.65 BTU/hr7.9 W26.96 BTU/hr
TKP-96002.4 W8.19 BTU/hr6.72 W22.93 BTU/hr15.36 W52.41 BTU/hr
TDC-71000.15 W0.51 BTU/hr3.00 W10.24 BTU/hr5.5 W18.77 BTU/hr
TDC-91000.35 W1.19 BTU/hr6.25 W21.33 BTU/hr10 W3.12 BTU/hr
  System Controllers & Base Stations
MRX-4IR--0.6 W2.05 BTU/hr0.84 W2.87 BTU/hr
MRX-4SEN--0.5 W1.71 BTU/hr1.56 W5.32 BTU/hr
MRX-5--0.9 W3.07 BTU/hr2.64 W9.01 BTU/hr
MRX-8--1.2 W4.09 BTU/hr3 W10.24 BTU/hr
MRX-10N--2.04 W6.96 BTU/hr4 W13.65 BTU/hr
MRX-12--1 W3.41 BTU/hr4.9 W16.72 BTU/hr
MRX-15--2.2 W7.51 BTU/hr4.4 W15.01 BTU/hr
MRX-30--4.6 W15.70 BTU/hr17 W58.01 BTU/hr
MRX-2--1.32 W4.50 BTU/hr3 W10.24 BTU/hr
TRF-ZW10--1.9 W6.48 BTU/hr2.4 W8.19 BTU/hr
  HDA Audio Distribution
HDA-IO--10 W34 BTU/hrTBD
HDA-SW5--5 W17 BTU/hrTBD

HDA-130--15 W51 BTU/hrTBD

HDA-4100--35 W119 BTU/hr75 W255.91BTU/hr

HDA-8100--50 W170 BTU/hr120 W409.45 BTU/hr

HDA-1600--45 W153 BTU/hr95 W324.15 BTU/hr

Additional Information & Resources:

Online BTU calculator: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/Watt_to_BTU.html

Please refer to this article for additional information on URC devices Keypad & PoE Device Power Consumption.

To learn more about HDA products and programming, please see the HDA Programmers Guide or the Accelerator 3 online Programming Guide.

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