Preferred WiFi Security Settings

Total Control is extremely reliant on the network, both hard-wired as well as wireless. Below are the most important configurations for Wi-Fi when installing a TC system.

URC's Wifi remotes communicate on 802.11 B/G/N however we only support 2.4Ghz and not the 5GHz band.  Most dual/tri antenna routers have this capability and it usually is not an issue.  If a single antenna router/AP is used, the settings must not give it the ability to jump to the 5Ghz mode (some call this legacy mode).  Most routers allow you to set up an access point for both, 2.4GHz and 5Ghz and give them separate SSIDs.  If this is the case then they should be named differently so the remote remains on the 2.4Ghz.  If you need a device to roam between access points it is always better to have the SSIDs and passwords of the access points set the same so it can roam easily.  All access points must be on a separate channel (unless using a Roaming feature built into specific brands and models which determine and modify channels as needed).  

The preferred security settings are as follows:

The security mode in the router should be set to WPA-2(PSK).  The data encryption must be set to AES only.  Many routers support both AES and TKIP simultaneously but it is highly recommended that it be set to AES only.  When creating the SSID (network name) do not use spaces or special characters (*&^%) as many products may have issues connecting wirelessly.  

Note:  Assure that all Network and Wi-Fi information is added to Step 6: Network Setup, of Accelerator.


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