How To Convert An MX-980 File Into An MX-990 File

How To Convert an MX-980 File Into an MX-990 File

The newer MX-990 remote will allow the use of existing MX-980 project files with only slight updating required. This will allow the use of the newer remote for upgrades or replacement situations without the need to create a new MX-990 file from scratch. This is all accomplished within the Complete Control Program (CCP) software.

This article will detail the process for converting an existing MX-980 file, into a new file when using the MX-990 remote.

  1. Under the file tab select new. Once the new file windows pops up select Empty (No Rooms, No Remotes).

  1. The System Configuration window will then open, Add the MX-990 to the project tree. 

  1. In the Model Properties window, under Option choose Existing: then brows the computer for the MX-980 file that needs to be converted to the MX-990.

The MX-990 can accept a conversion file from an MX-980. Because of the slight differences, there are a few steps to take in order to make this happen. Below are the steps for the conversion process...

On the MX-980 you have a Listen and a Watch page. On the MX-990 you only have a Main page. After converting the file we discovered that the Listen and Watch pages are converted to Main 1 and 2. This would be fine, but you only have access to Main page 1 which is really the former Listen page. There is no way to access Main 2 which is the former Watch page.


  1. Cut the Main 2/Watch pages and paste them into Main 1.
  2. We also renamed the pages using the properties view.

After this, the customer was able to access all pages using the left and right buttons.


Note: As a good standard practice, please perform the following before departing the customer location:

  • Check the IR & RF routing on the new remote under Program (tab)>RF Control. Verify all is correct compared to the original MX-780.
  • Test the macro functionality of the new remote.
  • Make sure no new devices have been added or changed by the customer. In particular, cable and satellite boxes tend to change over the years during which a system was first installed.

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