Factory Default Complete Control Remotes

factory reset, also known as master reset, is a software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device's software to its original manufacturer settings.

On occasion, a factory reset may be required for troubleshooting issues with remotes and base stations

Note:  to access any of the user settings on all interfaces, the button sequence must be pressed for five (5) or more seconds.  To factory default the device, press and hold the factory default button for five (5) or more seconds, then confirm the reset.

WARNING!  ALL DATA WILL BE LOST WHEN PERFORMING A FACTORY DEFAULT!  Only perform when advised from a URC Technical Support Representative!WARNING!

Kp-900                        Main + Select (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mx-1200                      Main + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mx-3000                     Main (5+Sec) > Press and Hold Factory Default

Mx-350                       Main + Stop Button (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mx-450                        Main (5+Sec) >User Setting > Factory Default

Mx-5000                     Main + Ok (5+Sec) > Press and Hold Factory Default

Mx-6000                     Mute + Ok (5+Sec) > Press and Hold Factory Default

Mx-780                       Main+ ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Reset

Mx-850                       Main + Stop (5+Sec) Button > Factory Reset

Mx-880                       Watch + Enter (5+Sec) > Erase& Reset

Mx-880z                     Watch + Enter (5+Sec) > Erase & Reset

Mx-890                       Main + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mxw-920                    Main + ENT (5+Sec) > Format

Mx-900                       Listen + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Tx-1000                      Listen + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mx-810                       Activity + ENT (5+Sec) > Erase& Reset

Mx-980                       Listen + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

Mx-950                       Listen + ENT (5+Sec) > Factory Default

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