Settings for Viewing 3rd Party Cameras On URC

Many 3rd Party Cameras integrated with a Total Control System can be viewed from any of the fully graphical user interfaces (TRC-1280, TC-1080/820, TKP-7000/5500,7600), iOS, Android)  To view the cameras on the interfaces, there are some required camera settings for 3rd party cameras.

Enter the camera settings.  Generally the settings can be found under Image settings. The changes must be made on the sub stream or second stream.  If you are unaware of how to access the 3rd party camera or not familiar with the settings, please contact the 3rd Party Camera Manufacturer.  Below are the required settings for viewing the camera on a Total Control Interface.

  1. Video Format must be set to MJPEG
  2. The resolution need to be set to 640x480 or lower
  3. Frames per second or FPS must be set to 6+/- (experiment with higher and lower frame rates as cameras vary)


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