Importing Existing Devices into a new CCP File

Importing devices from another CCP program can expedite the programming process so that devices do not have to be re-programmed or re-learned.  Importing a device allows the programmer to import only the SAME in-like controller from another project.  i.e.: an MX-890 to an MX-890.  Importing does NOT work with different remotes.  To import a device from a different remote, please see, "Using the Transporter"

Multiple devices can be imported all at once or specify which device to be imported.

  1. Right-click on a room in the System Designer 
  2. Select the Import Model  
  3. Browse to the file using the "..." button in the Import window
  4. Select all or specific devices to import
  5. Click "OK"

Notice the new devices with same name now added to the Model Designer


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