Honeywell Vista Security Integration (using HSIM)

Honeywell Vista Security Integration (using HSIM)

The Honeywell Vista Security Integration using the HouseLogix Integration Module (HSIM) allows a Total Control 2.0 & TC 3 system to control and monitor the HSIM device attached to supported security systems.

HSIM supports the following operations:

  • Execute Actions on the Security System
  • Query the Status of the Security System
  • Monitor Responses from the Security System

Programming the module is simple. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the URC HSIM Integration Guide. Select the Resources tab to download the TCM (Total Control Module) and the module integration guide.

The integration guide covers the set-up of the module in the URC programming software. It assumes that you have already completed training in the programming software and that the HSIM device is already installed and working.

Supported Models:
  • Honeywell: VISTA-21iP, VISTA-128BPT Series/VISTA Turbo Series, VISTA-128FBP, VISTA-250BPT/VISTA Turbo, VISTA-250FBP, VISTA-10P VISTA PLUS Series, VISTA-10SE, VISTA-15, VISTA-15P VISTA PLUS Series, VISTA-20P VISTA PLUS Series, VISTA-20PUL Commercial, VISTA-50PUL, VISTA-20SE, VISTA-30PSE, VISTA-128B, VISTA-128BP Series, VISTA-40, VISTA-50P, VISTA-250BP 
  • First Alert FA-168C and other First Alert rebranded panels 
  • Safewatch 3000

Supported URC Interfaces:
TDC-5100, TDC-7100, TDC-9100, TKP-5600, TKP-7600, TKP-8600, TKP-9600, TRC-820, TRC-1080, TRC-1480, URC Mobile

Additional Information & Resources:

Honeywell Keypad address configuration:

Please refer to this article for additional information on Honeywell Vista Security Integration (using the 4232CBM)

To learn more about Accelerator 3 configuration and programming, please see the Accelerator 3 online Programming Guide.

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