TRC-1080: Adding the TRC-1080 to the Network

The TRC-1080 needs to be added to the Wi-Fi network in order to operate the Total Control System...Follow these steps to include the TRC-1080 on the network.

1.  In accelerator add the TRC-1080 in Step 3: URC Devices, to the room.

2.  Press and hold the main and ent (enter) buttons on the remote to bring up the settings menu.

3.  Go to the network tab on the settings screen and do a wireless network search. Select your network.

4.  Add it to preferred list on same network settings screen.

5.  In Accelerator Step 6:URC Devices, select the TRC-1080 and click discover (refresh button), then click assign when it appears in the right side window. The Remote must be in the charging cradle or awake in order to discover it and download to it.

If the TRC-1080 cannot connect do the following;

1.  Have your laptop hardwired, firewall and anti-virus disabled.

2.  Re-discover the TRC-1080 and assign.

3.  If it continues to fail to connect, do a factory reset on the remote by holding down main and ent (enter) to bring up the settings menu. Scroll down to Factory Default and hold the button down until prompted.

4.  Once it resets, repeat steps 3-5. 


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