How to Pair a Z-Wave Device to a TRF-ZW Gateway (UI7)

Pairing a Z-Wave device to the TRF-ZW Gateway (UI7)

All Z-Wave devices must be paired (Included) to the TRF-ZW gateway.  To Pair a device to the gateway follow these steps:

  1. Click the Devices Tab
  2. Select Add Device +
  3. Select the type of device to pair.
  4.  Then select the actual device (This example is using a Light Dimmer)
  5. Follow the on-screen directions and click NEXT.  Notice the top of the screen displays the Z-Wave gateway listening for any new devices to be paired.
  6. Click the Programming Button on the Device
  7. Multiple devices can be added while in the Add Device mode.
  8. Wait for Z-Wave Gateway to complete configuring devices before proceeding with programming
  9. Click EXIT to end the Pairing process.
  10. Click the arrow to Configure the device.
  11. Enter a Name for the Device and Select a Room for the device to be located in.  If there are no rooms in the project, select >>Add Room
  12. Repeat this process to add all devices to the Z-Wave system.
  13. Always remember to hit SAVE
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