iOS/Android Not Connecting To Total Control System

There are a few steps in order to get your iOS device up and running with Total Control. Below are the steps...

My iOS Device cannot connect to my Total Control System

  1. Make sure the iPhone Mobile and/or iPad Mobile are in the project tree as opposed to the older generation iPhone and/or iPad. These are imported in Step 3 Add URC Devices
  2. Make sure the URC Mobile app is being used as opposed to the TC app which is downloaded from the App Store.
  3. Make sure the most current firmware version for accelerator, URC Mobile and the iOS device are all being used.
  4. Make sure they are on the same network as the system and not a different network, subnet, or on the iOS devices cellular data.
  5. Re-set the app. by going into the iOS devices settings, going to URC Mobile and toggle swiping the reset to green, then closing the app by exiting out of the iOS settings menu and closing the app manually by swiping it up. (Note – You should see the Terms and Conditions Document if this is done properly when the URC Mobile is re-launched.)
  6. Checking network settings to see if they correspond to our recommended or preferred settings. They are as follows:

  1. 802.11 B/G/N
  2. 2.4Ghz
  3. Access Points are on different channels
  4. The routers security mode is set to WPA-2(PSK)
  5. The data encryption is set to AES ONLY (Many routers support both AES and TKIP simultaneously but it is highly recommended that it be set to AES only.)
  6. No spaces or special characters in the SSID
  7. Assure that all Network and WiFi information is added to Step 6 of Accelerator


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