TRF-ZW (ZW-1/2) Undiscoverabel, Not Responding, Two IP addresses showing in Accelerator, Not showing in local network


Unable to discover TRF-ZW in Step 6: Network Setup (URC Devices), or two (2) TRF-ZW devices appear both with same MAC address but different IP addresses, or unable to extract data from gateway in Step 9: URC Subsystems.


If any of the issues above are encountered please follow the steps below:

  1. Check the Network settings of the TRF-ZW gateway.  If using the "Through a Wi-Fi Access Point" AND the Ethernet (CAT 5/6) cable is still plugged into the unit, remove the CAT5/6 cable.  The gateway is using both Ethernet adapters at the same time and is issuing two (2) IP addresses.  When this happens, Accelerator is unsure of which to use and does not react correctly. Make sure to only utilize either the WiFi (no CAT5/6) plugged in, OR the hard-line connection.  Do NOT USe both at same time.

  1. If setting a Static address on the TRF-ZW, DO NOT USE A MAC RESERVATION through the router.  The TRF-ZW gateways have a tendency to hold a DHCP address as-if Static.  If a Mac reservation is used through the router, the TRF-ZW holds both the old DHCP address and the New address given by the router.  When this occurs, Accelerator does not know which address to communicate with and therefore DOES not communicate at all with the gateway.

  1. Assure that the computer network settings are set to HOME or WORK Windows Vista/7 or PRIVATE in Windows 8/8.1/10  To learn how to configure network settings please see this article:  Network Settings
  1. Disable any and all firewalls including but not limited to:  Windows firewall, AVG, Norton, Easus, Mcafee, TrendMicro, etc.  

  2. Assure that the Z-Wave gateway is NOT plugged into an MFS-8 or MFS-PoE8.  This MFS switch does not allow the z-wave gateway to join the local network.


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