Unable To Control A Z-Wave Device


Unable to Control a Device from the Local UI of a Z-Wave Gateway Controller

When a device is included and configured it should allow control over its functions to the customer. However this may not happen sometimes if the device is not on the compatibility list.  It may be listed with a different template not corresponding to its command classes.


  1. The most frequent issues with the control of the devices are related to the range and possible interference caused by the environment. The environment can be a source of interference and large household appliances (fridge, TV, washing machine etc.) may reduce the actual range of the device or make it unreachable. This is when repeaters come in handy and extend the range of the mesh network.  A  Z-Wave the signal can hop up to 4 nodes in the network to reach the 5th one in any direction.

  2. Another important factor is related to the customer’s expectation of the device’s range since most of the times the range specified on the device’s box or manual may not apply to the customer’s particular case. Placing the controller in a metal box or in a corner of the house may reduce the strength of the mesh network and it’s always recommended to place it in open space and in the most central position of the house. Though this may not be possible sometimes, the recommendation still stands.


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