Can't Assign a TRF-ZW Z-Wave Gateway


Customer is unable to assign the unit


Assure the unit is powered up and connected to the network.

Though there may be other external factors like a bad factory provisioning for the controllers, this rarely happens and most of the time is a connection or network issue.

If all connections have been made, unit is powered up and network settings have been properly configured, please contact URC Technical support at 912-835-4484.

To be performed by Techincal Support team only:

The Support agent will need to check the Customer Care Portal to see if the unit has reported to our servers (check the AliveDate) and if so double-check if the unit is not already assigned to another account. If this is the case then the customer will need to unassign it from the previous account if he has access to it, or reset it to factory defaults. The controller can be un-assigned on the server side as well by the Support agents, though it’s recommended to ask the customer to provide a proof of purchase or ownership.


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