Lutron Keypads Not Automating

Total Control has the ability to automate macros from Lutron Keypads. For example, when a specified Lutron Keypad button is pressed, Total Control can react by executing its own activity within the system.  Please see Lutron RadioRa2 Integration guide for more information and how-to automate with Lutron.


Total Control automation is not functioning when Lutron keypad button is pressed.


It is possible that the Lutron keypad button is only sending a button release and not a button press.  Total Control reacts only to button presses and NOT releases.

To fix this issue:

Review the "Advanced settings" for the Lutron keypad.  If the "Save changes on button hold" is Enabled, Total Control automation does NOT work.  

Disable the "Save changes on button hold" option.

Buttons with this feature enabled transmit differently and do NOT perform the required button press to Total Control

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