Z-Wave Device Not Configuring

Troubleshooting a Z-Wave device that is not configuring:

  1. Go into the devices Settings
  2. Go into the Advanced Properties
  3. Go to the Commands tab and select Configure node right now
  4. A Command is sent out the gateway to re-configure the device.  Many times it helps to hit the programming button again on the actual Z-Wave device itself.
  5. It helps to have the device within a few feet of the gateway when performing this step. 
  6. If device is still not configuring, Un-pair the device and add again.  See How to Un-Pair a Z-Wave Device and How to Pair a Z-Wave Device.  It may require a full exclusion and inclusion again to properly configure the device. 


  • If the Z-Wave device is battery powered (door locks,  motion sensors, window sensors, etc.), assure that the device is in close proximity to the Z-Wave gateway.  It is recommended no more than 3 feet(1 Meter).  
  • Also note that battery powered devices take longer to configure than hard-powered devices.  The device should be left close to the gateway for several minutes in order to fully configure.  It is recommended that you have full control of the device from the PC before moving it away from the gateway.
  • Battery Powered devices DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the MESH NETWORK.  If they did, the battery life would suffer drastically.


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