Z-Wave Device Not Pairing (Including)

Unable to Pair (Include) a Z-Wave device

Whenever a device cannot be included or paired with a Z-Wave controller it’s generally a good idea to ask the customer to bring the device closer to the gateway (if possible) for the inclusion procedure.  Also verify that the customer is performing the correct inclusion steps (How to Pair (Include) a Z-Wave Device).

If the device is still not including, please see the possible solutions below:

  1. Though it sounds unlikely, sometimes the device might not be powered on, so you’ll need to double-check with the customer to see if the batteries are powering the device or if it’s connected correctly to power. Sometimes the wiring may not be done correctly, specifically if not installed by a professional electrician.
  2. Device was previously included in another network.  This happens frequently when devices are migrated from a different brand of controller or come from a different installation. Programmers need to exclude (unpair) the Z-Wave devices or reset them to factory defaults.  How to Un-pair a Z-Wave Device
  3. Though devices may include successfully they may sometimes prompt different messages on the GUI. These can be related to:
    1. Battery operated devices which are waiting for a wake-up to fully configure.  These types of devices may go into sleep before finishing the configuration process.  Waking up the device by hitting the programming button allows the unit to configure it successfully (i.e. Fibaro Motion Sensors)
    2. Battery operated devices may sometimes come with a bad set of batteries and it’s recommended to try with a new batteries if issues arise during inclusion.
    3. Security Z-Wave devices may fail to exchange security keys during inclusion, which requires the programmer to exclude and re-include the device at a closer range.
    4. Errors (highlighted in red under the device icon) during configuration are most of the time related to range and interference issues.  These are solved by bringing the device closer to the controller for a successful inclusion and configuration.
    5. If the errors persist even if the device is at close range, then the device may be incompatible with the controller, meaning that it doesn’t use to the standard of the technology used (Z-Wave) and integration/configuration is required before the device will work.


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